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Amazon River Dolphin Picture of a boutu
Scientific Name: Inia geoffrensis
Other Names: Boutu
Length: 6-8.3 ft. (1.8-2.5 m.)
Weight: 185-355 lbs. (85-160 kg.)
Teeth: 90-140

The amazon river dolphin is the largest freshwater dolphin. It has small eyes, but still has a keen eyesight. The beak is unusually long and the flippers are very broad. Amazon river dolphins sometimes associate with tucuxi dolphins.
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  Franciscana Picture of a franciscana
Scientific Name: Pontoporia blainvillei
Other Names: La Plata dolphin
Length: 4.3-5.8 ft. (1.3-1.7 m.)
Weight: 65-115 lbs. (30-53 kg.)

This is the only fresh water dolphin that may be found in marine waters. The animal inhabits isolated area's and is therefore hard to study.

  Indus & Ganges River Dolphins Picture of a susu
Scientific Name: Platanista gangetica
Other Names: Susu, Bhulan
Length: 5-8.3 ft. (1.5-2.5 m.)
Weight: 155-200 lbs. (70-90 kg.)
Teeth: 104-150

Other than telling day from night, their eyesight is insignificant. They have limber bodies, paddle like flippers, flexible necks, long beaks, and their teeth are needle sharp. They also swim and vocalize round the click with no apparent rest period.

  Yangtze River dolphin Picture of a baiji
Scientific Name: Lipotes vexillifer
Other Names: Baiji
Length: 4.8-8.3 ft. (1.4-2.5 m.)
Width: 220-355 lbs. (100-160 kg.)
Teeth: 126-140

Little is know about the baiji. One single captive male has been the source of most of the information about this species since 1980.

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