Call to Ban dolphin feeding

Canberra Times - 18 April 1999

Brisbane: Environmentalist have called for the action to end illegal hand feeding of wild dolphins on Queensland's coast, saying the mammals could be harm or catch diseases from humans.
The Wild Life Preservation Society of Queensland said the problem has worsen over the summer and during the Easter school holidays at Tin Can Bay, a tourist destination close to the Embarkation Point for the Fraser Island Ferry.

Environmentalists were concerned that dolphins in Tin Can Bay would catch human diseases and pathogens via sewage in the water or if infected humans touched the animals. Society Director Jan Oliver said "Somethimes dolphins actually catch cold from humans".
Miss Oliver said "People also go into the water with sun tan lotion on their hands and they touch the dolphins and the dolphins eat or ingest the suntan cream.

All dolphins fed in the wild all over the world are showing long term effects" She said "there are now serious concerns that the Indo-pacific humpback dolphins in Tin Can Bay would be badly affected unless urgent action was taken.

Dolphin feeding was illegal under the Nature Conservation Act and fines should be imposed on those who did it."

Of Interest

Marie-Hélène continues to learn from the dolphins and more recently the whales. She considers them as " strong, powerful, joyful creatures of the sea ", who over the millions of years of evolution have created an amazingly sophisticated physical body.

They are masters at communication, using their energy, living in community and masters at enjoying life and finding new ways of Play.

From dolphins, Marie-Hélène has learned to enjoy being alive surrender to the power of play to get in touch with the Inner Child and to heal it to look at other's inner being before the outer know the power of expressing your feelings in present time know the power and expression of non verbal communication telepathy intuition gentleness yet strength and above all the unconditional love and acceptance

When she organises a dolphin "workshop", she considers the dolphins as the facilitators and she is their assistant. Together they help people to open up and change their perception of themselves, life, the world. The dolphins have a patience and persistence that human beings would find difficult to match. Above all, their sense of FUN and PLAY is irresistible. _

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